Friday, October 23, 2015

Probably the only stuff I'll post today, but have to get this in:

The hell Obama hasn't called for confiscation of guns:
At the 1:45  mark, below is video proof of Obama openly expressing his desire to impose Australian-style gun control laws here in America. And it is a fact that the Australian law began with a massive campaign involving the confiscation (through a mandatory government buyback program) of legally purchased firearms.

And this on those wonderful bird cuisinarts all over Britain:
Doesn't sound very good to me

And one last thing: "Rules and laws are for the commoners, not the minions of government"
Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy will appear before a joint hearing on Oct. 27 to answer questions about the findings of an OIG report, which determined 45 Secret Service employees accessed the House Oversight and Government Reform chairman’s personal information a total of 60 times, with some leaking information to the media.

The report also found that 18 senior Secret Service officials failed to notify Clancy or end the activity.
This shit isn't just unethical, it's criminal.  Chances of any of the people involved paying any real penalty: just about zero.

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