Monday, October 19, 2015

'Affordable Care Act'. "We're doing this because we care!"

Charity for the uninsured is one of the factors that could discourage enrollment in Obamacare, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or else face new taxes themselves from the IRS.

“It requires tax-exempt hospitals to do a community needs survey and file additional paperwork with the IRS every three years. This is to prove that the charitable hospital is still needed in their geographical area — ‘needed’ as defined by Obamacare and overseen by IRS bureaucrats,” said John Kartch, spokesman for Americans for Tax Reform.
yeah, they care; about money and about control.

Speaking of which,
Federal officials have a secret list of 11 Obamacare health insurance co-ops they fear are on the verge of failure, but they refuse to disclose them to the public or to Congress, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has learned.

Just in the last three weeks, five of the original 24 Obamacare co-ops announced plans to close, bringing the total of failures to nine barely two years after their launch with $2 billion in start-up capital from the taxpayers under the Affordable Care Act.
Freaking wonderful, isn't it?
Aaron Albright, chief CMS spokesman, said 11 co-ops “are either on a corrective action plan or enhanced oversight. We have not released the letters or names.” He gave no grounds for withholding the information from either the public or Congress.
I can answer the grounds: "We don't want to, and you can't make us."

Crippling blizzards, snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures threaten a yearly dose of Arctic misery for the next FIFTY YEARS at least - and possibly decades more.

Climate experts warn a rare pattern of water cooling in the north Atlantic will trigger a chain reaction of events leading to a “fully-blown ice age”.

The say the UK is on alert for a “serious climate situation” with regular winter whiteouts pushing emergency services to the limit.
But don't worry TOO much,
The Met Office-led study claimed that although the effect will be offset by recent global warming, Britain could see some cooler than average winters in years to come.
Y'know, that warming that the satellite data says isn't happening?

MSNBC: "Yes, our reporting is crap, but we care about things!"

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JC said...

I have had nothing but caring quality care from Ben Taub Hospital. There have been long waits from time to time, but when I came in with full blown TB darn tootin' I got to the front of the line. (I checked later - no proivate hospital would have admitted me. I would have ended up at Ben Taub or (worse) LBJ) (Nothing wrong with LBJ Hospital, it's just I know more physicians on staff at BT).

The use of ER as primary care is what's kicking the asses of the trauma specialists, and making folks pissed. Little Juanita has a runny nose, so the whole extended family has to hang in the ER waiting from (Mommy, Daddy, Abuelita, Abuelito, and the other 5 brats running up and down the corridors).

Again, I have received nothing but first class care there (It may help that I go to Church with some of the senior staff), but triage be triage, dood, and your post nasal drip just don't cut it versus a life threatening injury, or a virulent disease.

BTW, I had to go with a friend to teh VA Hospital here in Houston. He was seen, treated, and discharged in less than an hour, thanks to an NP whose name I did not catch but was kind, efficient, and understanding.