Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lube Test, Part II

I dug around and found a bulk-pack of Remington Golden Bullets and took that along; whatever their flaws may be, they tend to be a bit hotter than a lot of other .22 ammo, and generally work well in the conversions.

Result: 100 rounds through each, and not a single bobble due to lack of slickness(doesn't count the four that needed a second strike, that's ammo).  Looking at the barrels and rails, they still look nicely slicked-up with the CherryBalmz, so next time I'll put some more through them.

Generally, if a lube won't let these conversions work, it shows up fast.  The Ma Deuce Juice and Black Rifle Balm didn't magically slick things up to the point that just any high-velocity .22 ammo would reliably run, but then nothing else has either.  So the initial finding on these pistols would be that the stuff works.

On the 15-22, had several rounds of Federal Champion that ran the bolt back enough to eject and pick up the next round, but not quite far enough to cock the hammer.  I suspect I may not have used enough lube on the rails(definite difference between 'just enough' and 'Is there any there?'); that's easy enough to check, I'll strip it out and add a dab more and give that another try next time out.

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