Monday, October 19, 2015

Speaking of the four stupids,

Guy named Mark Mac Young has a blog on self-defense, also posts on  Facebook; on the latter he had a response to a fairly stupid 'Be scared of guns' article.  Seems to be publicly available, so when you have a few minutes might want to take a look.

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skidmark said...

I came to a crashing halt when he brought up "Bills of Attainder" as proibiting discussing the criminal class as a criminal class.

Jesu Jose Maria Santiago de la Guadalupe's little jig-dancing donkey doing the polka! They passed that jerk from 3rd to 4th Grade? They let him get some sort of degree from a school that does not instruct the mentally impaired in performing janitorial services?

I'm going to go by the lumber yard and pick out a special 2x4 - warped and full of knots, just to use to whack him up side the head.

stay safe.