Sunday, October 18, 2015

Doesn't exactly help the 'religion of peace' thing

Gathered to honour the memory of a crusading editor, some of the biggest names in the news business were told by one of their own that journalists covering the Parramatta murder of Curtis Cheng are being targeted with death threats. So far, his remarks have gone unreported
Gee, I wonder why...
“Some media outlets are receiving direct physical violent death threats, specific threats not to go near Parramatta Mosque, where the 15-year-old went to pray. At one point a senior member of the Daily Telegraph turned up there with two  flak jackets,” Reason  said.
The Age had no coverage of Reason’s talk this morning, nor did the Herald Sun, The Australian or ABC, at least according to online searching. Last night’s audience was a galaxy of past and present editors, investigative journalists, star columnists and commentators, and household-word media personalities.
Almost like they don't want to cover this news, isn't it?
“It’s an atmosphere of intimidation and fear. I have never seen anything like it in Sydney in 20 years. In my organization there’s been some serious conversation  on how to cover it, how to approach the story, how to protect ourselves. Some cameramen are worried, some journos worried. I don’t know what’s being done about security at people’s homes.
“We have not talked about it publicly. No reporter has talked or written about it in Sydney.”
And that's part of the problem.  Why aren't they?  Glad you asked:
The media anxiety in Sydney contrasts with the insouciance with which the media deal with organized crime and bikie gangs. Underbelly-style reports are often treated as low-life comedy. Crime groups are aware that killing a journalist would be stunningly bad for business. This was demonstrated when a drug-syndicate hitman killed whistleblower Donald Mackay in Griffith in 1977. Mackay was a furniture retailer, not a journalist, but keen to expose corruption.

By contrast,  the murder of a journalist would be “good for business” in the eyes of hard-line Islamists, even more so than a random slaying. When ISIL beheaded journalists Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff in Syria a year ago, ISIL posted triumphant videos of the acts as a warning to America.
Censorship by fear.  And it's working with most of the media.  Bet you a months pay that a lot of the media weenies there and here, who're spouting lots of "We don't want to feed the atmosphere of Islamophobia" pap, would- if you pinned them down- admit they're really doing it(more like 'NOT doing it, really) because they're scared.  And they're giving the enemy exactly what they want.


Old 1811 said...

This is kinda like the definition of "is."
To you and me, "peace" means "you leave me alone and I leave you alone." In Islam, "peace" means "when the whole world is Muslim."

Windy Wilson said...

I hate to wish ill on people, but considering the job the "journalists" have done on liberty these last 80 years . . .
How many Journalists' deaths would it take for the leftist scum propagandists in the media to have the scales fall from their eyes and report things in a less doctrinaire manner?

Considering what the media reports and doesn't, and how it reports what it does, it's looking more and more like Sinn Fein to the Islamists' IRA.