Friday, October 02, 2015

And in the Obama and Bloomberg heaven of (formerly Great)Britain,

doesn't seem like those laws are helping much.
Police reveal there are 277,000 guns in Scotland as they warn of thriving black market trade in firearms
I'd have inserted 'that are known of' after 'Scotland', but that's just me.

There's lots of pearl-clutching(including "He bought a REPLICA on AMAZON!!"), but the real meat of the matter comes here:
Experts have mapped 107,000 shotguns and 80,000 firearms which are legally owned by 68,000 licence-holders.

But criminals can get hold of everything from revolvers to AK47 assault rifles on the black market and in former conflict zones.
And there you have the admission: honest people, no problem controlling; criminals get whatever the hell they want.

Someone needs to point out that line to Dear Leader.

Their answer, of course, is MORE LAWS!!
Cuddihy added: “As we have with drugs, I would like to see the creation of an offence of being concerned in the unlawful sale or supply of firearms and ammunition.
With 'concerned in' probably meaning "Anything we decide might let us go after someone else, no matter how idiotic it might be."  Like, say, accusing Amazon for having those replicas.  Etc.
“We must prevent bad people from accessing guns.”
 Guy, you've made it plain you don't even want honest citizens accessing firearms; how's that working out on stopping the bad guys?

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