Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Greedy dirtbag lawyers don't like Stand Your Ground laws, and the CSGV

just loooooves those lawyers.
Aside from the lies from the lawyers, there's this:
Victims’ rights are undermined in states with statutory immunity from criminal prosecution and civil suit related to Stand Your Ground cases.
I venture a speculation and say this is the real reason the ABA is opposed to SYG/Immunity: It is bad for their pockets. And did you notice the use of the word victim? It is being applied to the critter that needed the defense and not the person who had to use force to stop the attack. Who has not heard of cases in which a criminal or his family has sued in civil court even though it was their precious snowflake the one that wanted to carve his initials on a stranger and get his money or her sex? We still hear the lamentations of “He was a good boy! Just because he was flinging a machete does not mean he deserved to be shot!” from weeping mothers and other relatives?

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