Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There is NOTHING the legions of the perpetually-offended don't/won't object to,

but there is hope.
Over a mad-scientist-theme party,
“We are disappointed at your choice of the name for the event, as well as your rationale for allowing the name ‘Mudd Goes Madd.’ Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.”
Among the responses from people with some brains and sense of humor,
As TCF notes, several students who suffer from mental issues expressed support for the party’s theme:
Another student wrote the decision was “patronizing” and a third added “I have anxiety and my closest friends have depression. I think the name is clever and fun,” according to screenshots obtained by The College Fix.
Another student told the Claremont Independent, which first reported the story, that: “I am actually bipolar and I am offended that people infantilize the whole issue of mental illness by suggesting we should be protected from anything that could damage our ‘fragile’ psyches.”
Damn right.

Yes, the anti-rights people are still pushing "The National Guard is the militia and the 2nd Amendment was referring to THEM!" crap.

Let's see... the IRS investigated itself, Holders' DoJ 'investigated' him, now the Secret Service is involved in investigating itself...  And they wonder why people don't trust them.

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