Monday, September 28, 2015

I needed a brass catcher

Happily, that's pretty straightforward:
Take some 1/4" diameter bar I had, a piece about six feet long.  Bend into a circle
This stuff isn't hard to bend, even cold.  I did this around a 14" wheel.

Get the shape neatened-up a bit, then bend so you've got two legs
Figure how high you want it to stand, bend the legs back at the appropriate point

Bend the backs of the legs so they overlap
You can leave them loose, but I'd suggest either taping, wiring or welding them together.  Do any necessary bending to make it sit flat, then lace on some netting or something, and you have this
Tried it out a few days ago, and it worked nicely for things that eject to the right and a little forward or back, just move to properly intercept.  If it's windy you can set something heavy on the legs, another reason to have them overlap at the back.  Or if you don't mind the weight when moving it you could weld or otherwise attach a piece of bar or something heavy enough to stabilize it.


denis miller said...

sure saves searching time at the end of the shoot!

Gerry N. said...

I've got a nice old Star B 9mm that throws brass all over the place. I'd need a brass catcher the size of an airport.

You come up with some of the most useful things, among them the HD TV antenna you built a while back. Could you direct me to that post?

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

Ask and ye shall receive(sometimes):

Gerry N. said...

Arright!! I have enough suitable junque in my wareheap to do this. Byoboy is Frontier gonna be surprised when I cancel 'em.

Thankyew vera much Mark.

Gerry N.