Monday, September 28, 2015

About that European paradise where guns are highly restricted

and crime rates are low,
My acquaintance said to the police that he would make a complaint. The senior among them advised him against wasting his time. At that time of night, there would be no one to complain to in the local commissariat. He would have to go the following day and would have to wait on line for three hours. He would have to return several times, with a long wait each time. And in the end, nothing would be done.

As for the police, he added, they did not want to make an arrest in a case like this. There would be too much paperwork. And even if the case came to court, the judge would give no proper punishment. Moreover, such an arrest would retard their careers. The local police chiefs were paid by results—by the crime rates in their areas of jurisdiction. The last thing they wanted was for policemen to go around finding and recording crime.

Not long afterward, I heard of another case in which the police simply refused to record the occurrence of a burglary, much less try to catch the culprits.
The article is a few years old; think things have improved since?  Don't hold your breath.

Wonderful combination: Don't hold 'those people' to standards, because that would be 'racist' or 'intolerant' or something, but try to keep them in certain areas so they don't loot and burn the whole damn place.  And don't even officially report a lot of crimes, because who wants to deal with the truth of the matter?

Now they've got no-telling-how-many 'refugees'(some really are, the rest want benefits) coming in, some of whom will be quite happy to lead the residents of the cit├ęs in serious attacks; wonder how that's going to work out?

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