Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hey, remember the scientists who wanted Globular Warmering 'deniers' prosecuted

under RICO?  Guess what?  They really stepped in it, and they've taken the letter off the website.  And are trying to make it go away.  Problem:
You can imagine the horror on the signatories’ faces when they realised that some very determined people were about to take a close interest in their financial arrangements and those of their colleagues at IGES.
I’m not sure taking the letter down is going to help much though.
No shit.

More followup:
...Now, instead of explaining why the RICO 20 letter was mysteriously withdrawn from the IGES website after questions began to be asked about the millions of dollars that George Mason’s Jagadish Shukla apparently has received, some of it while apparently “double dipping” against university policy, all the while claiming climate skeptics are the recipients of money that should be prosecuted under the RICO act, we find this curious missive posted in place of the RICO20 letter at the URL where it previously resided:
MUCH more at the link

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