Saturday, October 03, 2015

Remember that song 'Freeze a Yankee' ?

They're working on accomplishing that all by themselves.
“Natural gas is so abundant and cheap in much of the U.S. that producers want to export it overseas. Except in New England, where gas is so hard to get that companies are importing it from as far away as Yemen.” In this particular case, the stance was we do not want any of those dirty, dirty fossil fuel pipelines in our backyards; and the consequences are soaring natural gas prices (2/3rds higher than the rest of the country) according to the WSJ, with the price probably continuing to skyrocket because of increased demand from consumers and what may be a really, really cold winter*.

Which reminded me of something I ran across a while back:
In a hell-bent campaign to rid itself of any form of dirty, messy “non-renewable” energy, New England has been closing down coal and oil plants for the last decade. In 2000, 18 percent of New England’s electricity came from coal and 22 percent from oil. Today it’s 3 percent coal and 1 percent oil. Meanwhile, natural gas — the fuel that everybody loves until you have to drill for it — has risen from 15 percent to a starkly vulnerable 52 percent, just behind California.

There’s only one problem. New England doesn’t have the pipelines to bring in the gas. Nor is anyone going to allowed to build it, either.
Because natural gas isn't 'green' enough for these morons.  And coal is just HORRIBLE, and if you want to see people crap their pants whisper 'nuclear power'.  This piece was written after a winter that put that whole region right on the edge of the electrical grid failing, and their supply situation is worse now. 

This is not going to go well.

And, of course, it's not the fault of the governors and other political bigshots, oh no!  Whose, then?
During Monday’s panel discussion, several of the state’s energy representatives outlined the proposal that they said is necessary because the market hasn’t put forward any solutions.
That's right; it's the fault of that eeevilllleee market.  You know, the one that's been wanting to build gas pipelines and power plants for years and always been told 'NO!' by the idiots now saying the market hasn’t put forward any solutions...

These morons have been cheering on Obama and the greenies closing down coal and oil plants, given a resounding 'NO!' to nuke plants to replace those about to be shut down, and after the 2013-2014 winter it bit them in the ass.  So now they want to save everyone from the consequences.  Which should've started years ago, but they didn't care until that winter started freezing people.


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