Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No matter what it is, or what has to be ignored to reach the decision,

the US must be the worst!
And we would do well not to forget that American slavery, particularly in its last half-century before abolition, was one of the most brutal slave systems in recorded human history. In comparison, the history of Islamic slavery is relatively mild.
Right.  The US was worse than the Romans, than the Barbary corsairs, than the Triple Alliance, than ANYONE ELSE!  Because the US must always be the worst!

Apparently this moron never read accounts of how Arab slavers treated black Africans.  Or those miles of crucified slaves on Roman roads.  Or other things.  Or, just maybe, those things don't matter, because it wasn't the US doing them.

Bullshit like this is why the word 'racist' now means "They're yelling 'racism'?  That means they're either full of shit, or trying to cover something up."

Oh yeah, we can trust the IRS; they say so.  And just because they've lied and hidden things and used their power for political purposes doesn't change that; just trust them on this.

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