Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well, that would explain the deafening music.

Which usually sucks.

Californicated 'environmentalists' REALLY want to destroy their economy, don't they?
...Steyer has appeared at hearings for de Leon’s Senate Bill 350, which would mandate a 50 percent cut in gasoline consumption in the Golden State by 2030. The only way to achieve that goal would be to increase prices substantially. Hardest hit by Proposition 39 and the scorched-earth environmentalism of SB 350 would be de Leon’s own constituents in East Los Angeles, one of the poorest areas in a state with the highest poverty rate in the nation.
Barring some amazing leap in engine tech, that could be implemented fast, they're talking about 'We'll raise taxes on fuel so high people can't afford to drive, that'll solve the problems!'  Which it will, if you don't care about the aforementioned destruction of the economy.  Which they apparently don't.  You want to talk about driving businesses and people to other states...

And hey, isn't this the de Leon of that idiot 'ghost gun' press conference?  Similar level of idiocy, different subject, both involving controlling the lives of others.

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Titan Mk6B said...

I would say that they have lost their minds but you can't lose what you never had.