Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Precedent for LE with armed drones, yay!

Because nothing could go wrong with this, right?

Second: LEOs who say crap like this:
Rost said he needs to use drones for surveillance in order to obtain a warrant in the first place.

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” Becker remembered opponents like Rost saying.
should have some citizen start sniffing around their property, or going into the station to browse around, and be told to shut up when they yell.  "You're ordering me out, and threatening me with arrest?  Why, what've you got to hide in here?"

Rost, that's the argument of a nasty little fascist.  And you suck for making it.


Pawpaw said...

Curtilage. Maybe he should look it up. It's a cool legal concept that deals with the expectation of privacy.

KM said...

“We don’t make a practice of snooping on people,” Rost said recently.

BWAAAHAHAHA!!! You gotta be fucking kidding!
Does this dipstick think the population doesn't have a clue about what cops do? (not counting the oblivious cellphone zombies)

No, you don't "snoop" on people, you "gather evidence" by any means possible.
What an asshole!

MAS said...

Remember a lot of these LEOs don't want you to record them out in public while they are doing what they do.