Monday, August 24, 2015

Yeah, about those 'absurd' proposals about illegal aliens...

Every day, thousands of illegal aliens file false federal affidavits, use phony Social Security numbers, employ fake IDs, are pulled over for DUIs, and shoot and steal — the very violations of the laws that sanctuary cities sought to nullify.  The crimes are apparently numerous enough occurrences to win the attention of sanctuary cities, which would not exist if illegal aliens were all, as implied, “dreamers.”
In sum, government agencies would need only to follow passive enforcement of the law, and allow illegal aliens to come into contact with legal authorities of various sorts rather that conduct deportation raids. ICE, then, would need only to deport those who had criminal holds on them — as they insidiously came into contact with the criminal justice system. The number and frequency of those encounters could be quite substantial each day and cumulatively so by year’s end.
And which we're told not to notice, or we're racists.
What is absurd?
Absurdity is ceding vast swaths along the southern border as a sanctuary area where federal law does not apply. Or allowing 10% of Mexico’s population to enter illegally, to reside illegally, and to redefine the very nomenclature of illegal alien — making demands on the host about its own laws, languages, and protocols. Sanctuary cities are absurd neo-Confederate ideas and harken back to the 1850s. Raza is a good Balkan word, the sort of racially charged buzz noun that leads logically to a Bosnia or Kosovo.
Ever notice that when racists like la Raza spout their crap, the same people who call Americans racist for wanting our laws enforced don't say a word about it?  That's politically-correct racism, so they don't mind it.

Ok, let's speak of absurd.  And disgusting.  Some cops, after Katrina, behaved as thugs and criminals and committed some murders and woundings.  The local authorities screwed-up the case, the Holder Do'J' came in.  And produced this bullshit.
Now, the Fifth Circuit, noting that the Justice Department lawyers stoked a “mob mentality” against police officers, has affirmed the trial court’s decision to order a new trial. In addition to blasting the DOJ’s rabble rousing blog campaign and dishonest “investigation” thereof, the court found that cooperating defendants called to testify by the government lied; that defense witnesses were intimidated from testifying; and that inexplicably gross sentencing disparities resulted from the government’s plea bargains and charging practices.
Federal prosecutors behaving VERY badly.  And lying to judges.  Etc.  Now the convictions have been thrown out because of it, and the whole mess starts over.  Consequences to the prosecutors?
Perricone resigned. Mann retired with (as the Fifth Circuit made a point of noting) her “panoply of federal benefits intact,” notwithstanding her bald-faced lies to the district court.
And Dobinski? She remains in her high-paying job at the Civil Rights Division, in the unit that prosecutes police officers, having received only a “bare reproof,” as the appeals court describes it.
Finally, Bernstein, who held out on the trial judge, received an award from Eric Holder for her work after the New Orleans police trial.
Yeah.  Consequences.

But we're supposed to trust the Department of  'Justice'.

And don't count on the current AG to clean it up:
During the Lynch confirmation hearing, Adams reminds us, Ted Cruz asked Lynch what she intended to do about Dobinski’s misconduct and continued employment. Lynch gave no substantive answer.

Gray wolves in the Cascades.

Really?  THIS is your storyline?
But some apparently have a different perspective. I hereby nominate this headline in the relentlessly left-wing Minneapolis Star-Tribune as the most pathetic response to the young Americans’ heroic deed:
Authorities laud European train passengers for averting attack by heavily armed man.

"Well, yeah, the wanted person no longer lived there, but it was too much trouble to find that out BEFORE the SWAT team kicked in the doors and terrified everyone; so shut up about it and stop causing problems."

These are the people who think they need to tell us what to eat, and how, and so forth.
Today’s comes to us from Florida, where the Ocheesee Creamery is being forced to dump gallons upon gallons of good, natural skim milk because the state is requiring the business to label its good, natural skim milk “imitation” because they haven’t added anything to it.
There's more.  Lots more.


KM said...

Some cops, after Katrina, behaved as thugs and criminals and committed some murders and woundings.

So in other words, their behavior hadn't changed one bit.

NOLA PD was a poster child for corrupt way before it started to rain. The rain only let them be the fascist thugs they always were out in the open.

Firehand said...

Yeah. Much like some departments wind up with a bunch of lawsuits because nowadays there were cameras around, and the crap they'd been doing for years now could be proven