Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reason the Whatever to get rid of DHS:

If they've got so much free time, money and personnel that they can get involved in bloody prostitution cases, then they have nothing important to do and need to immediately become unemployed.

Their stationary can be turned into confetti to celebrate the demise.


Gregg said...

Looks like they didn't care so much about the prostitution as it has been going on since 2006, but more about the "millions" of dollars they got to seize. If the website hadn't made so much money no one would have cared.

Which in and of itself is a sad commentary.

KM said...

it recently launched a scholarship fund for escorts who advertise on Rentboy and want to go back to school

DHS hates education!!

I thought chasing and (hopefully but not successfully) catching terrorists was the main goal for these bungholes.

Pawpaw said...

DHS was a mistake when Bush (the younger) founded it in 2001. As I recall, we called the first employees "Ridge's Retards" after the first Secretary, Tom Ridge.

Nothing I've seen since then tells me that my initial evaluation was in error. It was a mistake then, and has morphed into an overgrown, bloated organization in desperate need of being abolished.

skidmark said...

And I'm guessing there might not be similarity, if not overlap, between RentABoy and Ashley Madison.

See, if we had just kept them barefoot and in the kitchen nothing like this would ever have happened. (ducks and zig-zags for cover)

What's the German word for when you are excited to be anticipating schadenfreude? Because I am just wiggling in my seat to see whose name(s) come up in the evidence.

stay safe.