Saturday, August 29, 2015

A less-than-stellar night last night

after a worrisome day.  Security Staff(Sr.) came hobbling out to breakfast, whining with every step; injury to a hind leg, I have no idea how.  She could eat and drink ok, so I cleaned it and kept antiseptic on, made sure plenty to eat and drink.

By evening and dinner she moved a little better, but still obviously in pain.  Made sure she was comfortable and let her rest, hoping for better this morning. 

So I slept lousy, and short, but out she came; still hobbling a bit, but much better.  And better yet as the day went on.  I'll make sure she takes it easy for another couple of days before any long walks.

Which is why I'm tired-out.  Tuckered.  Almost knackered.  You take care of the data study, I'm going to clean up and collapse.

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