Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"There's already a law, but we want ANOTHER ONE!

Because security theater has lost its luster!"
Also 'Because it has to do with guns, and we can't control it, so we'll ban it!'

Well, it's definitely up there: The Stupidest Article About Guns You Will Ever Read
And, surprisingly, this idiocy brought to you by Rolling Stone

Well, both of them know they can't trust Obama, so...
To be sure, there has long been a certain amount of back channel communication between Jerusalem and Riyadh, including the limited sharing of intelligence information.  But the notion of a senior Israeli diplomat sharing the stage with an influential member of the Saudi defense establishment--and the meeting generating virtually no criticism outside of Iran--that's a reflection of just how dire the current situation has become.

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Pawpaw said...

Back when Bushitler named Tom Ridge as head of the newly minted DHS department, we in the local constabulary watched the opening months of the TSA in our local airport. We dubbed them Ridge's Retards. Nothing since then has caused me to change my opinion.