Monday, June 08, 2015

First, an attack on the 2nd Amendment by a usual suspect:

Rev. Snuffy is busy blaming the NRA again for the mess in Chicago.  Because it couldn't be RWPPs like his friends Jackson and Sharpton, let alone himself, let alone the local gangs, oh no: it's the fault of that nasty NRA and members..

Second attack, on both the 1st and 2nd, the kind of thing we've come to expect: "Hey, let's shut down these people saying and passing around information we don't like by saying it violates a treaty!"
At this point, yeah, it may take hanging some people to do some good.

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Anonymous said...

No Firehand at this point the only thing that will do any good at all is the extermination of everyone involved with government. Wiping out every federal law, agency, act , treaty, finding, amendment, rule or precedent and starting over from scratch. Things are so far gone that "restoration" has become impossible without killing tens of millions of neo-communist , socialists, welfare parasites and everyone involved in government. Then closing the border and ruthlessly deporting anyone who's grand daddy wasn't born here. No ; sorry man, I just don't think anyone has the stomach for that kind of action, and even if they did what would be left after such a bloody deed? IMO: Yeh we are going to have a civil war. I just don't think that whoever "wins" will "restore" Sh*t.---Ray