Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As Skidmark noted, my piece on load testing

would cause the .gov to want to mail me for violating ITAR.  Because someone somewhere overseas might read it.

That posting about practice loads of a whole 800fps would be considered 'spreading illegal tech(however they word it)' illustrates just how damn stupid this is.

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Anonymous said...

800 fps. out of a 30-06, means a scary (in the words of Barbra Boxer) "high velocity gun".
And in the immortal words of Nancy Pelosi, your rifle, no doubt, has that evil "shoulder thingy that goes up". A true menace to society!

On a more serious note: 5 gr. of powder in a '06 case is almost nothing. Do you use some stuffing, like a bit of cotton fluff or paper on top of the powder to hold it against the primer for consistent ignition? Or does it just not matter in your application?
And, do you find that if you reduce powder charges too much, you get incomplete ignition resulting in a squib? Honestly, I have never seen anyone going down in velocity to such a degree, but you seem to have a reason for it, and it does get you out to the range. And that is reason enough. Just a quick comment of two on your next range report would be great.