Friday, April 03, 2015

Tolerance, Progressive Homosexual-Activist style

"Your church has teachings we don't approve of?  You should lose your tax exemption, you hater!"
Apparently a church teaching homosexual behavior is a sin is now 'lobbying to have freedoms and rights taken away'.

You can argue whether or not churches should have tax exemptions at all, go right ahead.  Pushing the .gov to use them as a club to enforce GoodThink is a whole 'nother matter.

SOP for the greenies, then.
Again, the California paradox: those who did the most to cancel water projects and divert reservoir water to pursue their reactionary nineteenth-century dreams of a scenic, depopulated, and fish-friendly environment enjoy lifestyles predicated entirely on the fragile early twentieth-century water projects of the sort they now condemn.

Demonstration of why I consider most media to be untrustworthy journalists, and politicians generally should be considered guilty until proven innocent:
Las Vegas journalist Jon Ralston, who has observed Reid over the latter’s 30-year career in the Senate, has had enough. He revealed that he had written a harshly critical column in 2012 about Reid’s “ruthless, Machiavellian politics” in response to the senator’s accusation against Romney but saw it spiked by the Las Vegas Sun because its editor wanted to protect Reid.
Senator Reid’s Democratic colleagues have joined in the shaming. Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island sent a letter in February to over 100 companies and think tanks demanding they reveal their ties to any efforts to argue against climate-change policies.
It's why a lot of these bastards do what they do: they know the pet media will protect them. If they thought they'd actually be called on it, they'd be a lot more careful.

As to trusting federal agencies, say, the IRS for example,
A lawyer who worked in the IRS ethics office was disbarred Thursday by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which concluded she misappropriated a client’s funds from a case she handled in private practice, broke a number of ethics rules and showed “reckless disregard for the truth” in misleading a disbarment panel looking into the matter. 

The lawyer, Takisha Brown, reportedly had bragged that she would never be punished because her boss would protect her, but an IRS spokesman said Wednesday that she was no longer an employee at the agency.
Gee, wonder why she thought she'd be protected...

On the same subject, when the agencies lie and hide stuff from their own IG, why should we trust them?  At all?  On anything?


KM said...

Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island sent a letter in February

Those companies should promptly wipe burrito blasted asses with the letter and send it back.

Anonymous said...

If you take money from the state, you eventually become their vassal.