Monday, March 30, 2015

On the front of 'Petty tyrants running schools' we have this clown

in Tennessee of all places:
A young boy's high and tight haircut meant to honor his soldier-stepbrother earned him the threat of suspension from an elementary school named for a Medal of Honor recipient, and the fallout from the incident has led a Tennessee school district to increase security measures.
The principal sounds like a control freak who doesn't mind screwing kids around in the name of 'good order' or something.
And they had to 'increase security'?  Really?

NBC 'News' has pulled another hit piece, this time on Tannerite.  And the victims aren't putting up with it.
Our client, Tannerite Sports, LLC has been publicly defamed by the false and misleading statements in the NBC news piece and the follow-up story by WLEX Communications, LLC. The news piece asserts that Tannerite®-brand targets are too dangerous to sell to ordinary consumers. To the contrary, Tannerite®-brand targets have been safely used for years.

Unfortunately, there are many in the media today who are driven by an agenda, and rather than simply tell the facts, they twist the truth. But in this situation, a line has been crossed. This is not a case of simply twisting the truth, this news piece included lies and misleading statements to make their point. We are confident of the merits of this case, and that our client will be victorious.
Tam's post put it nicely: 'I watched the cringe-inducing Tannerite® hit piece on the Today show in slack-jawed horror. You'd have to stick toy rocket motors in a truck's gas tank to get more blatantly slanted "journalism".'
Which is exactly what we expect from NBC.

I find I've tried enough light-load stuff that I'm going to have to write a list of 'what's been tried, results, what to try again'.  I know, should've done that already.  I'll start on that, right after I run to the store: I found bugs in the corn meal.

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