Wednesday, April 01, 2015

MSNBC: the gift that keeps on giving

Like "He won't give up and agree with me, so cut him off."
Of course, it is from Ed Schultz, who's a bitter, vicious, bigoted clown at best.  Much like Sharpton, also a show guy on that network.

Well, crap.  The last storms a week or so ago, hail broke the bird feeder in front.  So I got a new one.

Last night, the wind from those storms broke the new one.  Dammit.

Larry Correa, over on Bookface, has been pointing to the SJW types having various fits because "The right-wingers are affecting the Hugo awards, which are OURS!"  Which led to this piece by Sarah Hoyt on just how badly the 'Conservative and libertarian types, we must not buy their books' attitudes of lots of publishers has screwed lots of new authors.  And some older ones, for that matter.  Fairly disgusting.

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