Monday, March 30, 2015

The project bike continues

When last we checked in on this(whenever that was), I had it running but with a couple of problems; mainly not wanting to idle and when revved and the throttle released it tended to surge and stay running high before finally dropping down.

Fiddle, fiddle, curse, try things... noticed that it seemed the gasket sealing the float bowl might be leaking a bit.  Which wouldn't cause the above-noted problems, but damn well needed fixing.  And if one gasket is leaking, others might be as well.  Off to Ebay!

Where I found that I could buy a brand-new carburetor for less than a rebuild kit.  Less than twenty bucks, shipping and all.

It arrived today, and has been installed.  During this process I discovered that the gasket that fits between the carb and manifold pretty much fell apart(can you say 'leak'?).  Adjusted the idle screw to about the same as the old carb, opened the petcock and started it.  It started right off, idling fast, and a bit of adjusting had it at a perfect, smooth idle.  And when you rev it, it drops right back to idle as it should.

At some point I'll need to put new seals on the forks, as one is leaking a bit, but that was the biggest thing.  Now I need to find some dirt trails or a track to try it out on.

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Windy Wilson said...

Good! Glad to hear the project is progressing.