Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unlike Tam, I don't have a deadline to meet

so I'm not going to grace the range with my presence today.  Yeah, H&H is indoors, but with the ventilation system 26F outside is pretty chilly inside.  And the hand is still stiff enough without adding that in.

Yes, improvement is occurring but it's still not fun right-handed.  I've been doing some right-handed dry-firing, and it's interesting: aside from occasional 'grabs' in the wrist/lower hand a revolver isn't bad, but a 1911... for some reason that slim grip, the combination of squeezing grip and working trigger finger isn't fun at all.  The original problem had the surgery for is much better, but some of the side-effects I could do without.

Tam's situation made me remember, some of the finest rifle shooting with iron sights I've ever done was on a fairly miserable day: cool, light mist falling.  Overcast when I left the house, the wet started a few minutes before I arrived, and the only reason I didn't turn around and go home was the distance("I drove this far, dammit, I'm going to shoot!").  There was one guy there when I arrived, I'd been about fifteen minutes and it'd started misting harder when he looked around and said "This has just taken all the fun out of this" and loaded up.

I had an old Turk Mauser I'd bought for a project(story to come later) and wanted to try out after the latest change; that sucker was shooting like it had guided bullets that day.  Worth it, even if I did have to strip and dry and oil everything I fired that day.

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SordidPanda said...

I wish I'd bought a case of Turks when they were cheap.

Look forward to the coming story.