Sunday, November 16, 2014

Progress has been made

I was able to use the press to resize/deprime about a hundred cases last night, with no problems.  It not nominal, but the hand/wrist situation has improved.

Followup appointment last week, short version: "The elbow is doing great, now do these stretches for the next month because the wrist/hand shouldn't still be this way."  No shit?

So I'm doing them three times a day, and this better help.  There's stuff I want to do that this makes difficult, plus shooting right-handed with a pistol is still not fun.  Rifles better, though depending on the grip it's not the best, either.

In other news, having been looking around for a barrel(if I can do the AR-10 project), I have discovered that being told " 'X' will make a barrel for anything you want" isn't a true statement.  More digging required.

Today, the plan is to attempt to get this room and worktable cleaned up and a bit more organized.  Especially since the forecast is still for 1-3" of snow and strong winds.  Yuck.

In other news, because I need to get started on this, some friggin' idiots decided to lie and claim that Insty 'sent his flying monkeys to attack Rose Eveleth for being a nasty bitch'(yes, that's my wording on it).  It has been pointed out that publicly lying about and accusing a law professor of stuff he didn't do is not an optimal thing to do.  Some of the accusers, when called on this bullshit, backed off a bit, apparently realizing they weren't going to get away with it.  And probably hoping "We got our lie out in public, and maybe we can damage him, and that's what counts!"
Add this to Larry Correias' 'Why I hate Social Justice Warriors' list.

I was just about to say "I am going to make time to turn out a loaf of banana bread", but I just checked and I'm almost out of pecans.  And it's not the same without them.  Dammit, may have to run out before the white stuff starts coming down.

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