Thursday, November 20, 2014

So UCLA has a large population of delicate,

hysterical idiots who find 'microaggressions' in their punctuation being corrected.

And the administration is busy sucking up to them, so as to seem properly sensitive and caring and PC-racist.

And in a few years the whiny pussies will be wondering why they can't find suitable employment for their Bullshit-Studies degrees.  And the administration will wonder why the students who actually studied a field there's a demand for laugh when they ask them for money.

Foreign students are particularly shell-shocked by the school’s climate. “The Asians are just terrified,” says a recent graduate. “They walk into this hyper-racialized environment and have no idea what’s going on. Their attitude in class is: ‘I don’t want to talk. Please don’t make me talk!’ ”
We know what's going on; we don't like it either.  

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