Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If you shoot .303, this is a great price

for as long as it lasts: 480 rounds of Greek HXP for $190 plus shipping

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Gerry N said...

A few years ago I got about 480 rounds with a Canadian built Longbranch #4 rifle in a deal, a hell of a deal. As I remember it was around $75 for the works.
A friend of an acquaitance had passed on and his wife wanted that "nasty old gun" out of her house.

I've gone through about half of
the ammo so far and reloaded some of it. Excellent brass and I read that the Greeks made it on Winchester tooling. My #4 really does well with bullets cast of wheelweight alloy, unsized and lubed with Lee Liquid Alox. Since the #4 is the only rifle I have in .303, I only neck size, so the brass will likely outlast me. I also use that heavy Lee bullet in my .30-40 Krag. I don't remember the load, but I ran into another deal on 24# of Unique for cheap and I'm using that. A trifle dirty, but who cares? a couple of patches with Ed's Red is all it takes.

Another dynamite deal I got about the same time was 500 rds or so of Pak. 7.62x51mm that was supposed to be crap. It was a trifle dirty, but a quick scrub in a plastic tub with some white vinegar and warm tapwater cleaned it right up and a night in an open oven that had been heated to 150F finished the job. It has turned out some amazing open sight groups in my M1912/62/35 Chileno Franken Mauser rebarreled with a reworked 03-A3 2-groove springfield barrel and a K98k Bolt. I dunno what the Chilenos loaded that ammo with, but it is easy shooting and the groups far exceed my usual ability. That Mauser is my loaner rifle. I've been offered some fantastic prices for it and haven't yet been able to let go of it.