Friday, October 31, 2014

Here's a tip to the greenies: when your windmills need permits to kill birds

so they can operate, it's not all that damn green.
...Earlier this year, Minnesota regulators rejected the proposal by a Pickens-owned firm, AWA Goodhue Wind, demanding the company provide more research on the number of eagles and bats that fly though the region.  Acknowledging that its turbines would be lethal, Goodhue Wind has applied for a federal permit, introduced by the Obama administration, which would legally allow the facility to kill eagles.  Meanwhile, the project remains in limbo.
Missouri: For years, residents of northern Missouri wondered why an Oregon-based energy company wanted to put a wind farm with as many as 118 turbines — each one 350 feet high — right next to the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The 7,400-acre sanctuary attracts millions of migratory birds every year, including pelicans, wood ducks, trumpeter swans, sand hill cranes, blue herons, and snow geese – just to name a few.
...Biologist John Rushin, who has conducted research at Squaw Creek for 30 years, recently told the Kansas City Star: “If I could look all over northern Missouri for the worst possible place to put this thing, this would be it.” Facing a growing public backlash, Portland-based Element Energy backed out of the $400 million project in September.

And so on.  Glad to see people standing against the damn things instead of lining up and chanting 'Green Energy!'

Is Social Psychology Biased Against Republicans?  Change that to -Republicans, Libertarians and Conservatives and you'd have the better lead.
And the answer is "Yes".

I've got some reading to do.  Dad gave me a box containing a lot of True West and Real West magazines his dad had saved.  And there's a lot in them; ever heard of the 25th U.S. Infantry Bicycle Corps?  Set up 1896 at Fort Missoula, all volunteer black troops.  Definitely a lot of reading material for winter.

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If you check PBS's web site there is a good program on the bicycle infantry. You might have to go thru Montana PBS to find it but they sell a dvd of the show.