Saturday, November 01, 2014

Old Racial Article--Full Retard

from Mr. Williamson.
"Gage Hutchens • 2 years ago
As a statement of opinion, I believe the cultural bias to favor certain people for admissions to undergrad and graduate school should be based on parental income, not on ethnicity or "race."

And as a Cherokee, I hope that I am able to add a unique perspective to this conversation. What appears most challenging for White America to grasp, is that concepts of one's relationship to the dominate anglo-germanic-celtic culture are not uniform even within ethnicities. Opinions are shaped both by a complex interaction of how one is perceived, and also how one's family, clan and tribe perceives AND the culture stories within the "minority" or subordinate culture as to their role enveloped by the dominate society."
Wow. As an immigrant from the "dominate Anglo-Germanic-Celtic culture" (Please show me the respect of capitalizing my ethnicity), let me inform you that it works both ways. My English ancestors spent centuries trying to exterminate my Celtic ancestors, and both of them created the nation of Belgium just so they'd have a place to settle their differences with the Germans. But I guess all us white people look the same to you.
Once again, "liberals" prove they are the most racist fucks on the planet.

The original article is about Fauxcahontas Warren(who STILL claims to be Amerind) and her claims to PC victimhood.

From Massad Ayoob, short version:
"Why would you want to carry a gun?"
"Because there are a bunch of people out there who say they want to kill us."

Ah, more of the wonders of Obamacare.

Speaking of Democrat slimeballery...

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