Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Chicago, you'd expect better?

CTA train riders will be subject to random baggage screening next month as a part of a new security initiative to sweep for explosives at transit stations, Chicago police and CTA officials announced Friday morning.
In can understand why.  Then you get to those messy details
Officers will ask passengers at random to submit to a screening. 

“If the customer is willing to take part in the screening, the outside bag he or she is carrying will be swabbed with a small cloth,” Lipman told reporters. “The cloth is then inserted into a machine that detects the presence of explosive compounds.”

If passengers decline to participate in the screening, they will be denied entry and could be arrested under the officer’s discretion, authorities said.
Really?  For WHAT, saying 'no' to a police officer?
I see large lawsuits in the future of Chicago.

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