Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tab clearing

Hey, Felina, Dr. María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, was just a lousy blogger, not one of Feinsteins' REAL 'legitimate news media' toadies, so who cares what she said, or that the cartel murdered her?

Besides, if they did actually report it would cause problems for Carlos Slim and Bookface Zuckerberg, and they can't have that.  Or don't have the balls to.  Or both.

The piece of shit who murdered two deputies the other day?  One of Obama's dear undocumented workers.

I'm curious; does Dear Leader just not care about these murdered, slaves and rape victims?  Or does their being murdered, enslaved and raped by ISIL cause him to have tolerance for some reason?

That's two Marines dead; anybody seen any daily body counts on the the major networks as yet?
Oh, that's right, there's a DEMOCRAT in the White House...

Sharyl Attkisson; one of the only real reporters out there.  Which is why she's no longer with CBS: she wanted to actually REPORT, even on Obama & Co., and the network didn't want that.

You'd expect anything else from the 'PC at any Cost' people?

Some nice high-speed photography on a number of weapons

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