Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yes, I'm back. No,

I'm not in a better mood or less achy, but I'm somewhat more pissed, so maybe that'll work.

This day started with being informed that, according to that bastion of scientific research Salon, a study showed that conservatives(i.e. "Anyone not a socialist") 'only listen to propaganda, nothing that will challenge their beliefs'.  Etc.  Which seems to have an amen pew made of up people who think Mother Jones and MSNBC are founts of unbiased reporting.  Which fits in nicely with the previous studies showing conservative have a physical brain fault,  and the one that said non-leftists aren't as smart as leftists, etc.

I may have mentioned it before, but I'm Gods-damned sick of this shit.  I'm sick of being told "The reason you oppose Obama is he's BLACK!", and the same about that corrupt bastard Holder.  I'm sick of "You only want the border closed because you're RACIST!"  I'm sick of "The reason you don't want 'accusation equals guilt of sexual assault' on campus is YOU HATE WOMEN!"

I'm sick of being told that not agreeing with the socialist line* means I'm not smart enough to know what's good for me.  I'm fucking sick of being told that not rolling over for any control-freak statist who demands it means "You hate anyone who's not just like you!"  Especially since it comes from people who freaking hate anyone who refuses to think and act and speak the way they demand.

No, the rant doesn't help, but I got it out.  I'm now going to go outside while it's nice, sit with a book and dogs to scratch, and attempt to ignore this shit for a while.

*'Progressive' my ass.  They started using that word because people realized socialism was crap, and they're still trying to hide behind it.  They're socialists or communists, and they can kiss my ass.

Related, I no longer call these asshats 'liberals', because- borrowing from Michael Z. Williamson- 'I call them leftists, because there's nothing liberal about them.'


Anonymous said...

Well said!

Jess said...

I hope to live long enough to cash in on the bounty eventually placed to control the vermin. I'll be slow, but there's a lot of 'em, and I'll probably get enough money to take a short vacation to see an angry mob topple a statue of Nancy Pelosi.

Toastrider said...

There comes a point when there's no useful purpose in attempting a debate or a dialog. Why? Because the other side shits on the board every time.

I've commented before (and I know I'm reinventing the wheel here) that the problem is that the Left doesn't see its opponents as wrong. The Left sees them as EVIL. And while someone who is wrong can still be worked with and even respected, someone who is evil is much easier to justify overkill against.

I tend to blow off or ignore people who snottily insist to me that it's 'racist' to criticize Obama. Because there's no point in talking to them. They've lumped you into the Evil Empire, and you might as well just add them to the list of folks who shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects.

Marja said...


BTW, I have to admit I'm bit of a snob when it comes to IQ, being in the top 2 % myself. Well, 1,23 %, actually... :D

And I much prefer the conservative and libertarian views and writings. Usually much, much better reasoning. And they use facts. Not just play with feelings like leftists tend to do. Often far better behaved than leftists too. Leftists... muddled reasoning, emotional appeals, often copious verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse actually seems to be a rather good comparison. You can't reason with them, they will not listen, will not pay attention to facts no matter how verifiable and hear only what they want to hear. No use getting angry at them either, though, often one of their goal seems to be exactly that. That fits their narrative of angry right wingers.

Unfortunately also ignoring them isn't advised, that might give you some peace of mind but considering that we are, in several ways, currently waging a war about our futures... you can not allow them to win by default.

I don't have any answers as to what we should do. Except maybe the fact that I am a big believer in Breitbart's idea that politics is downstream from culture. So maybe just to support writers like John Ringo, Mike Z. Williamson, Sarah Hoyt, Larry Correia, John C. Wright etc with one's money might be a good start? Keep that up, and sooner or later we will start getting superstars who can no longer be ignored by what now has become the mainstream (mostly because the leftists have managed to get hold of most of the old choke points, like publishing houses and movie companies), and maybe the culture will slowly start to change as a whole. Success breeds success.

The depressing part with that strategy is that while it may very well work that will probably take many, many decades. Like it did to the left, they worked by slow infiltration, and see where it finally took them.

Anonymous said...

Point of order. The Left in this country doesn't believe accusation equals guilt in the context of claims of sexual impropriety.

The Left in this country believes accusation equals guilt only when individuals not named Kennedy or Clinton are accused of rape.