Monday, October 27, 2014

Meanwhile, over that southern border we're not supposed to worry about securing,

Mexico's top prosecutor says a mayor and his wife ordered the attack on 43 students who have been missing for nearly a month. The couple — of the town of Iguala in the southern state of Guerrero — are now fugitives.
He said that on the night of Sept. 26, as the students were heading toward Iguala in several buses they had commandeered, the order to stop them came over the local police radios — and that is was given by "A-5," the code name for Iguala's mayor.
Local police intercepted the student's buses and started shooting, killing six people and rounding up the 43 students. According to the attorney general, the students were taken to another police force and then transported to the outskirts of Iguala. Those orders, he said, came from the head of the Guerreros Unidos, whom federal authorities captured last week.

Attorney General Murillo Karam said investigators are still trying to positively identify the remains of some 30 bodies found in nine graves outside Iguala.
But we're not supposed to worry about the border and who's crossing it, oh no...

Saw something on this early in the month, original story here.

Side thought: wonder if any of the guns Holder & Co. ran to the cartels were used in these murders?


Marja said...

off topic, but I found this:

:) Seems to have pretty clear how-to-do instructions to everything, among other things. Of course I am not at all familiar with the subject, so I can't tell how good instructions. And, of course, this is an old book, but how much have things changed since then?

If you have time to take a look at some point, perhaps you could post a review?

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I'll take a look