Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Take a look at this tooth

Megaladon, about 6" long.  Think about the shark it came from.  Then consider what fishing/exploration/trading would've been like if these and some of the other early ocean predators had still been around in numbers...

Have a friend in the hospital right now.  Had a checkup in the morning a couple of days ago, that afternoon after the blood results came back got a "Please go to the ER now instead of going in an ambulance later" call.  VERY low hemoglobin.    Doing a bit better after two units of blood and some meds.  Severe gastritis that was causing bleeding; not bad enough for him to notice, but enough to be slowly draining him faster than his marrow could replace.

Answers why the 'no energy/no strength' has been whacking him lately.

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