Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Well, crap

Apparently some douchebags have been giving Tam some serious annoyance, and she's said 'To hell with it.'

Dammit.  I'm going to miss her stuff.


Hoozyrdady said...

Well, shit.

Sarthurk said...

Oh crap, I was just getting to count on all the good stuff she provided. Who are the scoundrels anyway? I'd love to troll anyone who deserves it.

Keith said...

I don't know how valid the identification is, but one of the commentariate over at Only guns and money, points the finger at an individual.

Unless that individual is a total psychopath with zero stress response, I suspect he'll be getting a strange hot feeling around the seat of his underwear.

I'll put heavy emphasis here and the couple other places that I comment, that Tam was in no way responsible for the actions of el creepo who stalked her

and her decision in stopping blogging can in no way be connected to any action that any other individual might take against the critter who's identity has been posted.

One of the more obscure areas of libertarian thought is dispute resolution theory, and the role of restitution.

Generally, restitution is portrayed as compensating for loss and attempting to make the injured party whole again.

That isn't inconsistent with the tougher interpretation, that the restitution is the price of buying off the possibility of a vendetta.

I don't know whether there is anything yet on the dark net that's equivalent to an anonymous kickstarter or indigogo for injured parties and their friends to place contributions towards getting individual miscreants errrr "punished"

I suspect that learning that someone has set up an account with your name on it, could be a very sobering and underwear warming experience.

Leigh said...

I didn't get over to her site often, but I did enjoy her writing. I'm sure she'll be lurking in the usual hide-outs. Still sucks some people have to be doouche-bags just because they can!

Whitehall, NY