Thursday, September 04, 2014

I would like to know the name of the worthless, soulless, chickenshit piece of crap (updated)

who decided it was a good idea to treat our wardogs this way.
That is, right up until the moment these dogs are "retired." Once they are too old, too shell-shocked or simply not needed, the dogs are automatically declared equipment that can be left behind like a latrine tent. The military sometimes says they are "retired" and become "civilians," but the result is the same because these civilians don't have a right to military transport home.
It is one thing to ask these warriors to say goodbye to their dog when it is still on active duty and is assigned a new handler, which often happens. It is quite another to ask them to leave these dogs behind when the dogs are effectively abandoned overseas, left to languish in shelters — or worse. That's why handlers are sometimes forced to make incredible sacrifices to get their four-legged comrades home on their own.
The piece(s) of shit responsible for this should have their names known far & wide, so they have the fame they truly deserve.

Update: Seems I fell for some bad information.  Over on Bookface, the Veterinary Tactical Group has this, from which I'll borrow:
Please be assured, those stories are false. The DoD has 100% accountability over every MWD in the program. Please also know that it is false that contractors who are on a DoD Contract Working Dog (CWD) contract are leaving dogs behind. The contracts require those dogs to be returned to the contractor upon completion of the contract.

There is Congressional oversight of the MWD program already and every dog which is removed from service must be reported to Congress in an annual report. The report includes not only how many dogs were taken out of service but also how they were removed from service, including all euthanasias.

What is occurring with dogs in the combat theater is that members of the military are taking stray, feral dogs as pets in violation of DoD policy. There have been several members who have become sick because of violating the policy and one even died from rabies. Those dogs are being left behind because they belong there

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Anonymous said...

There are also several organizations that assist service members in bringing "adopted" animals back to the US. This is a long, difficult and expensive process, but they do it. Operation Baghdad Pups, and the ASPCI(international) are 2 that I donate to. I remember what happened to our 4 legged Viet Nam brothers. Never again.