Sunday, August 31, 2014

So where are the Gods-damned frowny faces?

Behind signs with some catchy hashtag?  Where's the First Lady?  Or is there some problem with these girls getting the same 'support' from these idiots?   (autoplay warning)
Hundreds of Yazidi women abducted by ISIS have either been sold or handed out to members of the Sunni extremist group, according to an organization that monitors the crisis.

In the past few weeks, ISIS has "distributed" to its rank and file about 300 female members of the persecuted religious minority, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group aligned with the opposition in Syria.

Those women were initially kidnapped in Iraq before being taken to Syria.
In ISIS' eyes, the girls and women are "captives of the spoils of war with the infidels," the Syria monitors said, claiming that some had converted to Islam so ISIS fighters can marry them.

SOHR says it could confirm at least 27 cases in which women were "sold and married" for about $1,000 each to ISIS militants in Aleppo and Raqqa suburbs and Al-Hassakah.
Slavery.  Sex slavery at that.  So where's all the actors and progressives yelling about it?

Oh, that's right; there they were trying to 'shame' Boko Haram, and here they know it would require Obama actually doing something.  And the great deity Marx knows they don't want to put pressure on the Lightbringer, especially just before an election.

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