Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A: What brainless, ball-less idiot in the UN

thinks surrendering to ISIS is a good idea?
B: Good on the Filipinos for saying "Screw that", and their commander for backing them up.
So the UN commander thought he could play "Let's trade these hostages for those hostages!"?  Absolute effing idiot.
“Fighting had already taken place. Without their guns to defend themselves, the next rebels’ move would be to capture our troops and take them hostage. If that happened, the problem of the UNDOF commander would be much bigger,” Catapang said.
Not to mention the problem of the troops wanting to keep their heads.
He added that while Syrian rebels claimed that the surrender of firearms was symbolic – as per assurance by the UNDOF commander – such gesture would be unthinkable for Filipino soldiers.
'Symbolic'.  Right.
“For us soldiers, it is not symbolic. It is our honor that is at stake,” Catapang stressed.
And your lives.  You chose well.

Speaking of idiots in positions of power, Obama stuck another idiot  in one at the Dept. of Agriculture.  Because you're not smart enough to decide what to eat.

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