Friday, September 05, 2014

as long as you agree with what they want to report.  They ran a 'do we need more gun control?' poll; problems are
The first problem, is that the poll is placed on CNN’s International Edition. It’s nowhere to be found on the CNN U.S. Edition! The U.S. Edition has the below section in the place where the poll is located on their International Edition!
The second major issue, is that many “No” votes are not being tallied. This was originally brought to attention by “The Truth About Guns” Facebook page. I initially had my doubts, so I began voting “No” from several different computers and mobile devices. Sure enough, the fans from “The Truth About Guns” are right on the money! Many of the “No” votes are not being counted!
Yeah, we can trust CNN.


Anonymous said...

'Twas many years ago I became politically aware and came to the abrupt realization that of the Seven Sisters of the American Newsmedia:

The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Chicago Sun-Times

Six are owned and run by members of a certain tiny tribe that makes up less than 1% of America's population--yes, them, the ones we're not allowed to admit to noticing--but is found out of all proportion to this number all over Wall Street, Hollywood, and in the "newstainment" biz, and the seventh is owned by the guy who married Jane Fonda.

To expect these Bolsheviks to produce anything other than agitprop in the service of their politics is naive at best.

I have gotten rid of my TV, do not purchase or read newspapers, and do not watch American films. I am better off for it.

Differ said...

Interesting article; lots of 2A education for the ignorant troll. Worrisome because despite it being a non-scientific poll, other groups will cite the results as "a recent CNN poll showed..."
Bottom line Constitution is the supreme law of the land and Bill of rights enumerate the most obvious God-given rights control over which any govt is explicitly denied. We have duty to educate.