Thursday, September 04, 2014

I don't think there's been a time in this country that 'State Police' has been more accurate

Palumbo claimed he was told by an undercover officer that police first considered raiding his business with an armed SWAT Team to retrieve the records. The lead investigator, however, opted to take a more peaceful approach, he said.
That they even CONSIDERED a effing SWAT team 'to retrieve the records' tells me they need all their noisy toys taken away from them.

And that needs to be followed with a refresher course on what being a 'peace officer' is supposed to mean.  Because this crap translates as "Let's use the SWAT team and show these commoners that we mean business!"  which was followed by someone with half a brain saying "You realize how THAT would piss people off?"

Be it noted that in New York that messy 'free speech' thing, when connected to politics, annoys the dirtbags as well.

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