Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Thought Crimes Division of the People's Republic of MA

strikes again.  This guy wrote books, fiction, that included- hell, just read this:
Early last week the school board was alerted that one of its eighth grade language arts teachers at Mace's Lane Middle School had several aliases.  Police said that under those names, he wrote two fictional books about the largest school shooting in the country's history set in the future.  Now, Patrick McLaw is placed on leave.
Phillips said McLaw was taken in for an emergency medical evaluation. The sheriff would not disclose where McLaw is now, but he did say that he is not on the Eastern Shore. The same day that McLaw was taken in for an evaluation, police swept Mace's Lane Middle School for bombs and guns, coming up empty.

Dorchester County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Henry Wagner said the Dorchester County Board of Education has taken its own action.

"We have advised our community that the gentleman has been placed on administrative leave, and has been prohibited from entering any Dorchester County public school property," Wagner said.
Sue the bastards.  For everything your lawyer can come up with.  Then throw in a few more things.  The idiot school brass and the cops both.  This is such a level of bullshit it's hard to believe even for the PROM.

Added: It was pointed out by Skidmark that this is the PRO Maryland, not Massachusetts, but I'm willing to accept it as a typo as long as we can stipulate that both places have the suck.  They do indeed; I need to change it to PROM and PROMD to differentiate between them.

Although why bother?  As he notes, they're both progressive holes of suck and fail.  But still, we should be precise as to which hole we refer.


skidmark said...

This would be the People's Republik of MARYLAND, not the other place. I'm willing to accept it as a typo as long as we can stipulate that both places have the suck.

stay safe.

MauserMedic said...

Thought crimes.

Goes nicely with the recent news that some researches are looking into ways to erase "bad" memories and instill "good" ones.

I plan on retiring in the mountains, supported by local contributions to my ongoing green research in copper-kettle distilled alternate fuels, and enjoying rifle practice.

By then they'll be chipping everybody for their own safety.