Friday, August 29, 2014

Basically, "You people can get too much stuff!"

...The comments that some are making that police are [becoming] too militarized — the public is becoming militarized in my opinion. There’s pretty high-grade weaponry out there available to the public.”
A: It's SUPPOSED to be available to us, remember?
B: Yeah, WE'RE the ones running around town like we're about to kick doors in Kandahar.  And we're not the ones getting all the M16s and M4s.
The Pentagon data shows the government has transferred nearly 80,000 rifles and 1,718 shotguns to counties throughout the country.

Los Angeles County alone has been the destination for 3,229 M16-A1 rifles and another 87 M14 rifles, while Leon County in Florida, which is home to Tallahassee, received 1,900 M16-A1 rifles and 111 M14 rifles.
And just how much training are they getting in firing those select-fire rifles, I wonder?  Or are we not supposed to worry about that?

And they are learning something a lot of people have asked about: what it takes to maintain that pretty armored vehicle.  And realizing "Y'know, people aren't going to be real happy if we drive this thing around and the tracks tear up the streets."

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