Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Other Gun Control

This is one front that Gun Control Advocates outside the US have pat down: Making Self-Defense a crime or the closest thing to it. When a government exercises the Monopoly on Killing, it makes sure that not only they control the instruments but also the laws and more important, the mindset of people.
From basically the day you are born you are told that violence is not the answer, that defending yourself is “taking the law in your own hands” and that only criminals do that. So you say, that is nothing new, we have it here also, but there is a big difference between the US and the rest of the uncivilized world: For some reason, Americans decided almost from the very start that such mentality is idiotic and through the years self-defense became what it is: A human right.
And the anti-rights people hate that. HATE it.

Something I remember about the 'It's wrong to use violence no matter what' attitude:
Remember the show Home Improvement?  Youngest kid had been taking karate lessons.  He and middle son were at a store when older and bigger thug decided middle son had offended him and announced he was going to stomp him.  As he started to swing, youngest grabbed the arm, put him in a lock, and booted him into a display, and while he was tangled they left.  Use of minimum force necessary, no bad injuries, well done.

They got home and the mom proceeded to rip on the youngest for 'fighting'.  "You know better!  You shouldn't have done that!", etc.  And the father jumped on the 'disappointed, should have done better' bandwagon.  I was practically screaming at the tv "Really, you morons?  It would've been better for him to stand there while his brother got his face punched in?  Or to have run for help and come back to find him bloody on the floor?  That would be PREFERABLE?"  And I hoped for the rest of the episode someone would bring that up, but oh no!, nobody did.  Or would.  A show that had become "Men suck" couldn't possibly do that.

I wondered afterward what idiot decided that was a good idea, and why.  Then I remembered what that show had become: "How can we make Tim in particular and men in general look stupid and unfeeling, and women look like the long-suffering saints they are this week?"  So of course the idea of a male using defensive violence had to be slammed.  No matter what.

Which brings us to the current topic: So, what is a person to do? Many decide to take the chance and NOT defend themselves to avoid having to deal with the crap mentioned above and put their lives in the hands of the criminal hoping he is in the mood to let you alive after he is done with his business. It is revolting for anybody who exercises (or knows that he can) the right of Self-defense, but that is how most of the world works… and how the Gun Control community wishes it worked in the US.
Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

Actually, I think that was the last whole episode of it I watched.  It'd gotten worse and worse, and that was my 'no more'.


Anonymous said...

Years ago, after a particularly obnoxious episode of Star Dreck, I woke up & concluded that almost 100% of television was pure crap, Walt Disney included. That opinion has expanded to include movies, music, art and print. They all portray social orders, morals, attitudes and lifestyles I don't subscribe to, as ideals. The solution is to stop participating in their propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Television is at least 98% agitprop, produced by people who despise us and despise our culture, as are motion pictures.

I gave up on it all in the 1990s and have no regrets.

Windy Wilson said...

Kim Du Toit referred to "Home Improvement" as "Man Improvement", and not in a favorable way. Your example points up a concrete and articulable reason I never liked it enough to watch it unless I was stuck somewhere and did not have control of the remote.

My brother who enjoyed the show ended up married to the terror.