Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I have a category of Nutcase-level feminism

Guy says "We need to tell girls going to college that getting shitfaced-drunk at parties is not a good idea", and the 'feminist' legions immediately crap their pants in indignation.

Hell, that's advice I gave son before he went.  But expecting females to have some self-control is apparently victim-blaming or slut-shaming or some other bullshit.


Pawpaw said...

There's a difference between a victim and a volunteer and if you get shit-faced drunk in a place with hormone-laden members of the opposite gender, you're a volunteer.

No means No, and all that, but if you drunkenly say Yay and wake up the next morning bent over a bedpost, you're a volunteer.

Firehand said...

And not legitimately entitled to scream 'Rape!' Especially since the guy is usually as drunk as she is.

Which is going to lead to one hell of a lawsuit soon:
"Your Honor, the university acknowledges that both the lady and my client were equally drunk. Yet they claim that she was thus unable to give consent, but he was! That is neither fair nor sensible, thus my client wishes his record cleared, and damages. LOTS of damages."