Thursday, February 20, 2014

On a less disturbing and rant-filled subject: shaving

Son's been using this soap, and highly recommended it, so I finally got a cake.  I've now used it two days.

Holy crap, this is good stuff.

Wet the face, wet the brush and work up some lather, soap the face.  Wait about a minute, and shave.  With a blade that'd already been used a few times it shaved clean and smooth.  I like it.

The other good thing?  Yeah, the cake cost about $23 with shipping; son's been using his last for over a year now, still has a month or two left; that spreads that cost out over a long time.

I'll throw in that using a safety razor has good points, too: instead of $4/each cartridges or plastic razors you throw away after a few days, a set of ten Wilkinson blades is about $3.  The higher-quality blades are more expensive, $2-2.50 for five.  Takes a few days for your face to get used to the new razor, after that you're good.


Phelps said...

I'll be due for another cake of soap in about six months, so I might switch from my Truefitt and Hill to that. I've never had a shaving soap last for less than a year, as well. (Shaving creme in a tub can go faster, but soap lasts forever.)

Phelps said...

Oh, and for blades, these are the best I've found, the Israeli reds/personnas: