Saturday, February 22, 2014

Carolyn McCarthy, who wants to ban every gun, is on her way out;

and the NYEffingTimes refers to her 'passion for gun safety'...

Let us remember just how knowledgeable of the subject she actually is:

This farging moron is hugely and willfully ignorant, but she feels herself justified in and entitled to ban things she doesn't even know what are.  And use them as reason to ban other things.  And she's been in that taxpayer-supplied office working at it for eighteen years.

On the other side of the spectrum from ignorance, you have liars.  Like Shannon Watts, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bloomberg.  She lies about a 'public health crisis' and about 'personalized' guns.
The only people calling for smart guns are those prohibitionists that would rather read about a young mother murdered while completely unarmed or holding a defective “smart gun,” than read about her as one of many survivors in the Guns Saving Lives section of

Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Guns aren’t remotely interested in saving lives… but they are incredibly interested in disarming the civilian population.

Do anyone else ever wonder why that is?
Not really; because we're pretty sure we know why.

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