Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jay Dobyns finally gets a hearing;

surprisingly some ATF people actually say just how screwed-up the agency is.  And how they screwed Dobyns.  And ATF lawyer admits just how much they care about rules and law:
"ATF was audio recording him twice without his permission, without his acquired authorization from the US Attorney's office," said Reed, outside the courthouse.
During closing arguments, DOJ lead attorney, David Harrington, admitted that there was "no proper authorization of taping (Dobyns') phone calls."

 What?  ATF wiretapped illegally?  Who could have imagined such a thing...(Put your hands down, you're distracting me)

I would have to disagree with Agent Atteberry on something:
Q: And as part of doing that review of the file, did you reach certain conclusions about the quality of ATF's response to the fire event on August 10, 2008?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: And what were those conclusions?
A: They were unacceptable.
Q: Can you please --
A: They were unprofessional. I was embarrassed because that's not the way we operate, and we should have cleared the bench when that fire happened
Problem is that that is EXACTLY how ATF operates.  See 'Fast & Furious' and God knows how many screwed-over citizens.
Not to mention that if ATF DIDN'T work that way, Dobyns wouldn't have been screwed in the first place, and his family endangered, and all the other crap.

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