Sunday, February 16, 2014

From the same people who insist we need to become their mascots

because "We will see that you're taken care of",  
The effect of all this on the mascots themselves is not a big concern of the elites. Mascots symbolize something for others. The actual fate of the mascots themselves seldom matters much to their supposed benefactors.

So long as the elites have control of the public purse, they can subsidize self-destructive behavior on the part of the mascots. And so long as the elites can send their own children to private schools, they needn't worry about what happens to the children of the mascots in the public schools.

Other people who cannot afford to send their children to private schools can simply be called "racists" for objecting to what the indulgence of the mascots is doing to the public schools or what the violence of the mascots is doing to other children trapped in the same schools with them.

A hundred years ago, groups who are now indulged as mascots were targets and scapegoats of Progressive era elites, treated like dirt and targeted for eradication in the name of "eugenics."

There are no permanent mascots. As fashions change, the mascots of today can become the scapegoats and targets of tomorrow. But who thinks ahead any more?"

"Why can't you just accept the board decision, you haters!"  Because you're corrupt bastards, maybe?
After requests from state Republicans, including Rep. Stephens, the state’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) convened a panel which supposedly conducted an investigation into the issue, but doubts were raised when DORA’s chief Barbara Kelley was unable to provide documents or detailed information on the investigation to reporters. 

Reversing her initial decision to keep the members of the panel private, Kelley revealed in January that herself and three other Democratic officials compromised the “neutral panel.” She maintained that she’d kept no notes from the oral interviews that provided the basis of the investigation.
Yeah, why would anyone have a problem trusting this?

Apparently in San Antonio it's "We have zero-tolerance for reasoning, and no problem with wasting huge amounts of taxpayer money and our time on bullshit cases."

Awww, the socialist and the communist aren't getting along.  Because the communist wants to be the Stalin of NYEffingCity.

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